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Filly Captain of the Royal Guard

"Hey! What's wrong with that!? A filly can be whatever she wants to be." - deleted line from an early draft.

Princess Cadance looks on her gender-swapped filly husband. Read the fanscript here: [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic & Original Characters (C) Hasbro
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Filly Armor: what?

Cadance: you're...a filly...

Filly Armor: ...WHAT?!?!?!
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haha baby shining armour.
big like 
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Coitado do Shining Armor mais essa deve ser uma situação engraçada!
So this means shining armor is now gleaming shield.
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O_O The weirdest thing in this picture is that she turned Shining Armour female...
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That's what said XD
leafeon100's avatar
that made no sense...
onepiece10100's avatar
I forgot the "I" *-*
Jesserfly's avatar it bad that I can imagine Shining saying that in a tiny, girly voice? ._.
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Aww. Shining looks sooo cute :meow: and Cadance is like ._.

This is the point that you realize your life is completely screwed up.


Of course, since this is NORMAL around anyone related to Twilight, the two may be in trouble.

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how did that happen does he ever change back to normal?
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Read the fan script! It's in the description.
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:P i dont know if i want to read it though.... i might so ya
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It's okay if you won't, but I won't spoil it!
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Shining armor is sooooooooo cute :)

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Why would Cadance TGAR Shining Armor?
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:iconshiningarmorplz::iconsaysplz: I told you I was 'Dry Clean Only!'
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:iconprincesscadenceplz: :iconsaysplz: I never heard that!
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