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#EQGDownUnderSummer: The Dazzlings

Sonata Dusk loves the beach for some reason.

The Dazzlings were a late entry to the series, because I had their heads, but never did their clothing (sounds wrong). So why not drop them in beachwear into the collection? I think Adagio looks great.

#EQGDownUnderSummer: Sunset + Sci-Twi by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: CMC + Flash by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: RD, AJ + Shy by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: Twilight + Sunset by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: Pinkie + Rarity by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: The Dazzlings by dm29
This is the Equestria Girls Down Under Summer Series!

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The collection includes two early-access wallpapers available only through the pack, high-resolution copies of the six vectors and a special long-scroll featuring all six vectors put together. Characters include Twilight Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Adagio Dazzle and Spike the Dog.

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I like how Sonata is eating her taco

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Know why Aria is rolling her eyes? She's trying to look cool while NOT showing off the fact that she's the only one of the group NOT wearing a bikini.
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XD Sonata just munching on her taco lmao it got me fave
uberbomb's avatar
nice work pal :) 
FunZone-ToonGal's avatar
Sonata eating a Taco. So classic!
SharpySaber's avatar
Sonata and Dazzle are eating well. :D
DarthWill3's avatar
Can't stop being cute, can they?
SonikkuLover-99's avatar
Great job! :D I like the slight curvines applied to their tummies :aww:
CasanovaGuy01's avatar
I like to swim with Dagi~
L-MASTER's avatar
She loves the beach because they sell tacos :D
karkovice1's avatar
Adagio: *sighs* Such a lovely day! Isn't it, girls?

Sonata Dusk: And such lovely TACOS, too! *munchmunch*

(I forget her name): Her fascination with tacos is REALLY starting to drive me up the wall...
karkovice1's avatar
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Lol Sonata is eating a taco! Yum! :giggle:
Robukun's avatar
They looks like they now get use to it live in the human world :3
knucklesfan29's avatar
What does the M on Aria's swimwear stand for?
Chatterbeast's avatar
Ooh! Are you gonna do the Shadow Five next?
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