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#EQGDownUnderSummer: RD, AJ + Shy

"Does Fluttershy play ball?"
"I dunno, AJ. Do you play ball, Fluttershy?"

#EQGDownUnderSummer: Sunset + Sci-Twi by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: CMC + Flash by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: RD, AJ + Shy by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: Twilight + Sunset by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: Pinkie + Rarity by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: The Dazzlings by dm29
This is the Equestria Girls Down Under Summer Series!

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The collection includes two early-access wallpapers available only through the pack, high-resolution copies of the six vectors and a special long-scroll featuring all six vectors put together. Characters include Twilight Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Adagio Dazzle and Spike the Dog.

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Dang, they look so darn cute. :)
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Rainbow Dash (facepalm) #2 plz <Come on, Fluttershy. Show us what's under that towel already!
I wonder if Fluttershy gets a lot of looks when she's on the beach?;) (Wink) 
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Dash:  "You're wearing a thong under that towel, aren't you?"

AJ:  "And ya only found that out when you put it on and you got no other bikinis?"

Flutter: "....maybe!...."
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*Fluttershy removes her towel just as Sunset, Pinkie and Rarity arrive with Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom* (Wanna role play with me?)
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Sunset: Woah! Fluttershy!

Pinkie Pie: Wow!

Rarity: Oh My Principal Celestia! Sweetie Belle, girls don’t look! *covers Sweetie Belle’s eyes while Apple Bloom and Scootaloo cover their eyes*

Rainbow Dash: Nice.

Applejack: Well, I’ll be.
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Fluttershy: Huh?
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Applejack: Nice underwear.
T1mbuk0n3's avatar
*she looks down at herself*
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Fluttershy: *sees Rarity blushing with jealousy* Is Rarity blushing?

Sunset: Why are you blushing?

Rarity: Because it looks nice.
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*Fluttershy looks at herself*
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I wish for a copy where Fluttershy wasn't wearing the towel around her waist.
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Silly RD and AJ -- Fluttershy doesn't play Ball!

She plays Libman!
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:iconhumanfluttershykind: :iconsays3plz: Oh. Uhm... I don't know...

:iconhuman-rainbowdash: :iconsays3plz: Aw, c'mon, Fluttershy! It'll be FUN!

:iconhumanfluttershykind: :iconsays3plz: Okay... I-if you say so...

:iconhuman-rainbowdash: :iconsays3plz: One thing, though: You'll have to take off that skirt.

:iconhumanfluttershykind: O///O OH! D-Do you really think I should?

:iconhuman-rainbowdash: :iconsays3plz: Of course! You'll be able to play BEACH VOLLEYBALL a lot better without it.

:iconhumanfluttershykind: :iconsays3plz: OH! Is that all!? Hehheh. Silly me! I thought you meant... something else...

:iconeqgrp-applejack: :iconsays3plz: What didja think she meant, Fluttershah?

:iconhumanfluttershykind: :iconsays3plz: .... I'd rather not say... *blushes*
T1mbuk0n3's avatar
*Fluttershy takes her skirt off*
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*Rainbow Dash and AJ notice that Fluttershy forgot to put on her bikini bottom*

:iconeqgrp-applejack: O . O

:iconhuman-rainbowdash: :iconsays3plz: Uhh... Fluttershy... I think you forgot something... *points* o_o

:iconhumanfluttershykind: *looks down* O . O *screams and runs away*
T1mbuk0n3's avatar
*Cherilee arrives* What is this?!
karkovice1's avatar
:iconhuman-rainbowdash: O . O Uhh... a little malfunction in the wardrobe department, Miss Cheerilee. Right, AJ?

:iconeqgrp-applejack: :iconsays3plz: Y-y-yeah! Seems Fluttershy forgot to put on her-

Cheerilee: I know! I just saw her run out of here in her... STATE! AAARGH! What is Canterlot High COMING to!? You girls'd better not be responsible for this; 'cause if you ARE, I'll personally throw the both of you in detention so fast your heads will SPIN! *storms off*

:iconhuman-rainbowdash: O . O ...... Well, that went rather well...

:iconeqgrp-applejack: :iconsays3plz: Uh huh... o_o

:iconhuman-rainbowdash: :iconsays3plz: You think Fluttershy'll come back?

:iconeqgrp-applejack: :iconsays3plz: Not likely...

:iconhuman-rainbowdash: :iconsays3plz: Oh, well. Let's play!

:iconeqgrp-applejack: :iconsays3plz: Right!

(Too bad I didn't have human Cheerilee icon.)
T1mbuk0n3's avatar
*Fluttershy comes back with Pinkie, Rarity and Sunset*
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:iconhuman-rainbowdash: o_o Is this a lynch mob, or did you just stop by to say "hello"?

:iconsunsetshimmerplz: :iconsays3plz: Neither! Me and Fluttershy are here to CHALLENGE you two in that game of beach volleyball.

:iconeqgrp-rarity: :iconsays3plz: And I shall be serving as REFEREE.

:iconhuman-pinkie-pie: :iconsays3plz: And I'll be keeping score! *SQUEE*

:iconeqgrp-applejack: :iconsays3plz: Oh, is THAT all!? In that case, we ACCEPT your challenge! C'mon, Rainbow! We can beat the PANTS off of these girls EASILY.

:iconhumanfluttershykind: :iconsays3plz: Can we stop talking about PANTS, please!? ... if that's ok with you...
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*Twilight arrives with her pony self*
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*everyone else arrives*
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