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#EQGDownUnderSummer: CMC + Flash

Don't worry, folks. Flash Sentry is safe... and away from the other girls.

#EQGDownUnderSummer: Sunset + Sci-Twi by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: CMC + Flash by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: RD, AJ + Shy by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: Twilight + Sunset by dm29 #EQGDownUnderSummer: Pinkie + Rarity by dm29 
#EQGDownUnderSummer: The Dazzlings by dm29
This is the Equestria Girls Down Under Summer Series!

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The collection includes two early-access wallpapers available only through the pack, high-resolution copies of the six vectors and a special long-scroll featuring all six vectors put together. Characters include Twilight Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Adagio Dazzle and Spike the Dog.

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Rocker Flash Sentry What Are You Up To? Emoticon. "The things I do to try to entertain the fans."

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Flash: how much is twilight paying you to gaurd me double it if you let me go
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Imagined they buried Cadance halfway like Flash here. Giggle 
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Left 4 Dead 2 - Nick E3 Trailer Icon (Rocker Flash Sentry Shocked Emoticon.):i'm down! HELP! god damn it!
Louis on FF6 (Sweetie belle Icon: #3 PLZ):no way, man!
Francis on FF6 (Scootaloo (hey applebloom) plz):*sees pills* hmm, might need these!
Zoey - Left 4 Dead Emoticon (Applebloom EqG (boring) plz):well, this looks dangerous.
Left 4 Dead 2 - Nick E3 Trailer Icon (Rocker Flash Sentry Mad Emotion.):*whispers* sh*t!
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The human counterpart's of the C.M.C. are beautiful, to bad for me that they're to young...
Toonsgirl27's avatar
Tee hee! This is so cute!
Very cute and hilarious! XD
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Chriss: Que bonito dia para andar en la se como llegue pero no importa........... solo soy yo, la playa y las "señoritas".dormido en la playa 

A lo lejos chriss visualiza a flash sentri en conjunto a las CMC. Rocker Flash Sentry Hit It Guys Emoticon.  c.m.c EqG (sleeping) plz 

Chriss: AL parecer flash te dejaron arenado.

Flash: Es lo mejor que se te ocurre no pudiste a ver dicho "Plantado".Flash Sentry EqG (angry) plz 

Chriss: Dime hay plantas como las flores en la playa.

flash: pues Flash Sentry Thinking Emotion. 

Chriss: Exacto, es por eso lo de arenado.

Entonces chriss es observado por las CMC y estas se rien:

SB: Disculpa señor chriss le gustaría jugar con nosotros a que lo enterremos en la arena.EQG Sweetie belle Icon #38 

Chriss: ¿Que edad tiene?.

Appleblom: aproximadamente 13...¿Por que la pregunta?........EQG Applebloom Icon #13 

Chriss: ok, nos vemos Fuck you bye  (perdón por la ofensa pero no encontré otra imagen disponible)

Chriss sale huyendo
Run Away Run Away Run Away Run Away Run Away Run Away 

Flash pregunta: ¿Que le pasa a ese tipo?.Rocker Flash Sentry Shocked Emoticon. 

scootaloo: Aun no supera la broma que babs le hizo.Scootaloo EqG (angry) plz 

Babs Seed 
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Gracias por usar mi Emoticon . :)
Inam41's avatar
looks like from barbie life in the dreamhouse
GalacticHuskie's avatar
LAWL wait I think mettaton from undertale would love going to the beach!Mettaton EX Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale SORRY I was listening to death by glamour while looking at dis
KawaiiMichie's avatar
XD Cute though, I think Flash only went to the beach with the girls was just so he could see Twilight, Sunset and the rest of the girls in a bathing suit.
Cartoon-Eric's avatar
He got a bigger problem with those three. lol
Lunatwisentry's avatar
HAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!! LOLLOLOLOLOL THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!! (But seriously flash don't look at Me like that #^///^# )
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Nice picture. The CMC look so cute and I love your Scootaloo design.
BrightGlow's avatar
It seems the CMC have lots of fun with Flash Sentry. Too bad Babs Seed isn't around.

I can't help but wonder if that clothe/dress on Scootaloo is her swimsuit or she has one under her clothe/dress since Appbe Bloom and Sweetie Belle are wearing swimsuit.
T1mbuk0n3's avatar
Can you make a similar image without Flash Sentry?
BB-K's avatar
Lol, half buried by the crusader girls. :lol:
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Sci Twi: I thought it was really sweet of you to keep an eye on the girls today.

Flash: Yeah, well, Sadly, I can't say no to my sibs...and they know this.

Sci Twi: Still..[snuggles up closer to him] It was sweet of you.

Flash: [ Smiles as he wraps an arm around her waist] Hehe. You know, I should get buried more often.

Sci Twi: You really shouldn't.

Flash: Heh.
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second doctor and EQG ( the second doctor looks teen)

doctor: oh my giddy aunt flash sentry what happed here

flash: oh doctor can you get me outta of here?

doctor: um I’ll see what I can do 🤔 hmmm

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Is it just me or is the ocean wave getting closer and closer? Also are there any crabs(Giant enemy or standard) in that beach? Man poor Flashy is gonna get pecked in the face. On the other hand if he survives the outcome he'll have free crabs for dinner for life. :XD:
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Flash: "Remind me why I agreed to do this for you again?"
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