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Dumbgeons and Drags

"I say spell of darkness!"
"Darkness spells are USELESS at NIGHT."

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So either this takes place in an AU where Chrysalis redeemed herself, or they let her play since they needed another player.

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I wanna be there!!!!!
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I bet luna is playing as a Priestess of Selûne^^
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Bet Chrysalis is a great role player.
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the best there is
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That moment when you realize your high-ranking Captain is playing Dungeons & Dragons with you. XD
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And that the DM is so desperate for players there is a wanted criminal at the table.
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who cares, let chrysalis have some fun
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Just like When Mario plays a friendly game of Tennis with Bowser.
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"And this is still less crazy than O&O night with the girls."
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"A O&O game with SIX players, are you sure this is alright Twilight?" 
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Spike is having a good time, and of course, the closed ones among them too. :)
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Before i noticed the teal streak in Shining's tail, there was about 8 seconds where i thought Flash had a ponytail.....
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Good grief, and this is why you shouldn't let Luna and Shining play against each other in a game of Dungeons and Dragons with everyone else, they get too competitive..
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "You would've THOUGHT teaching her to play would've been a good way to help her adjust to modern life and make friends. Instead, a munchkin greater than Twily was born... :icondoublefacepalmplz:"
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I roll a D1, *sigh* I got a one, again..
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Princess Luna (Cereal as well) Plz  :says: I'm casting magic missile!
Twilight (Unamused) Plz :says: Why are you casting magic missile? There is nothing to attack here.
My Little Pony - Luna... :says: I'm attacking the darkness!
Twilight (Smile) Plz :says: Fine, you attack the darkness. There's a changeling in front of you.
Princess Cadence-Happy :says: That's me right?
Twilight (Aww) Plz :says: Okay, you two can talk to each other now if you want.
Princess Luna (Cereal as well) Plz :says: Hello, I'm Solstaff the Sorceress of Light
Princess Cadence-Happy :says: Then how come you had to cast magic missile?
Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz :says: You guys are being attacked.
Shining Armor-Normal :says: Do I see this?
Twilight (Seriously?) Plz :says: No! You're outside by the tavern
Shining Armor-Liquid Pride :says: Cool! I get drunk!
Twilight (Giving in) Plz :says: There are seven windigos surrounding you.
Shining Armor-Happy :says: I'm getting drunk. Are there are any mares there?
Princess Cadence-Serious :says: How can we be surrounded? I had Tartarus' Faithful Watchdog cast.
Twilight (Seriously?) Plz :says: You bought the materials, but you never actually cast the spell.
Shining Armor-Liquid Pride :says: Roll the dice to see if I'm getting drunk
Twilight (Aww 2) Plz :says: *sighs and rolls the dice* Yeah you are!
Shining Armor-Smirk :says: Are there any mares there?
Twilight (Unamused) Plz :says: Yeah!
Princess Cadence-Confident :says: I did though when you asked me!
Twilight (Mad) Plz :says: No, you didn't say that you were, so now there are windigos!
Shining Armor-Smile :says: Windigos? I got a windigo slaying knife. It's got a +9 against Windigos!

Twilight (Mad) Plz :says: You're not there! You're getting drunk!
Shining Armor-Smirk :says: Okay, but if there are any mares there I want to do them!
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MAGNIFICENT. I hadn't seen that vid in years xD
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Can never go wrong with a classic :)
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:iconflashsentryplz: :iconsays3plz: I didn't know Princess Luna was so into this game.

:icontwilightsparkleplz: :iconsays3plz: Not as much as my DEAR BROTHER...

:iconqueenchrysalisplz: :iconsays3plz: Uhh... what is this dragon singing?

:iconspikehappiestplz: :iconsingplz: Ra-ri-ty is the one for me! Rarity! Rarity! I love yoooouuu!

:iconprincesscadenceplz: :iconsays3plz: Oh, don't mind him. He has a RARITY obsession.

:iconqueenchrysalisplz: :iconsays3plz: Obviously... *rolls eyes*
my money is on Twilight to win!
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She's the Dungeon Master, she doesn't play, she's the referee.
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