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Drink Up The Holidays!

Hot Chocolate, Eggnog, Peppermint, Mulled Cider... What's your favourite Holiday Drink?

December is the month I get into the holiday spirit. November doesn't count because we don't officially celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving. I like peppermint chocolate beverages from that popular coffee place.

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Eggnog and hot cider for me. I like my hot chocolate with a peppermint stick and Creme de Menthe syrup. :)
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Eggnog and hot cholcte
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Peppermint hot chocolate!!!
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hot cocoa ftw yo
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why is rainbow dash blushing?
Probably because the cider is alcoholic. She's starting to get drunk.
GamingGlaceon345's avatar
I think they're just rosy cheeks from the cold.
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I could go for some hot cocoa right now.
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Wonderful work.

Holiday drink? None for me. But I would take a hot chocolate and some eggnog. Separately.
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I like all the drinks, as long as they're non-alcoholic.
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Pinkie Pie has the right idea.
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I prefer sparkling grape juice!
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I don't have a holiday drink. I guess I'm a Scrooge in that department.
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Sbiten'. Yeah it might not be terribly festive, but it's better than eggnog.
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Awesome! Mulled ciders are perfect for winter! Eggnogs are quite nice too :)
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Great art today!  I always look forward to your next piece.  I read your interview on EQD, and wondered why they didn't ask you what tools you use for your art.  What Computer, with what processor, what OS, what Vector program & which model tablet.   Once again, Thanks!
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I only go hot chocolate. Only time I really have cider is when I'm sick (somehow works wonders). Haven't tried eggnog, but honestly, doesn't sound appetizing to me. Though that peppermint one sounds really good!

Seriously, I've been seeing Dash as an alcoholic for a little now.
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excellent picture =D love the concept =D
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