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Dragonlords: Guardians of the Sceptre

"Yeah, that does feel kinda warm."
("Yeah, it's getting warm in here, too, Spike. Hurry it up.")

Last night's episode was pretty great. Easily the best Spike episode (and Twilight). Sure, it was a little predictable, but for 22 minutes, Spike was the star, the leader, the King of the Dragons. And also Princess Ember. She's pretty.

Well, um, this isn't a shipping piece. But okay.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Twilight and Rarity are best ninja!
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What if Ember was Spike's Mom

Spike: I love you mom!
Ember: I love you too Son.
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I used to be a Sparity fan until Ember came along, Spike and Ember OTP
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this is soooooooooooooooooooooo canon
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This makes me wonder, what if she ordered him to stay with her, would he have to?
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I can see why Rarity is watching Spike hang out with Ember, but why does Twilight look like she's tired?
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more like annoyed that time is being wasted on a petty love triangle and not something of abit more, impourentence. Like knowing more about dragons.
Who are those two eyes in the wood?
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1) It is a rock costume of Tom's brother twice removed and Boulder's uncle thrice removed.

2) Inside is Rarity and Twilight
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D'awwwwwwww! I do ship them but this is still adorable even if they aren't a shipping in this drawing. they look amazing in your style, especially Ember. She looks amazing as ever. Well done. I love this so much. :)
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I am the Dragonlord! Guardian of the sceptre!

Celestia quivers before her!

Fuck off!
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Is anyone else thinking Princess... I mean Empress Ember's appearance was to introduce a new love interest for Spike? Also really like this drawing.
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"its not because I like you or anything.. buka!
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I think Rarity ships it.
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Great to see that Princess Ember not only learned the value of friendship but also seems to appreciate it for all its worth, not just what it's helped her accomplish. Spike's happiness is terrific too, as he's not only made a friend but he gets to go home knowing that Equestria is safe with her in charge there. Lovely work on the two friends, along with the pony eyes watching from beneath.


As for the ponies, I love how Rarity's eyes are flashing with a bit of concern… or jealousy? ;) It's not clear why Twilight seems a bit disgusted by the scene*, but I'll assume she's just tired of the two dragons sitting on them all day long.


* But I have plenty of ideas, MWUHAHAHAHAHA! and all that. =p
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Can someone tell me what a tsundere is i know some dragons but i just want to know?
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It basically means a female who's cold or mean at first and/or for most people but becomes love-struck for a certain person later. (Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold! is a perfect example.) See tsundere at Urban Dictionary.
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Ok thanks for showing me what it means I almost thought it was a species at first but thank for informing me what it means.
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