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Don't Cry, Starlight

"Hey, it's me, Star. C'mon. It'll be alright... I've missed you so much..."

Eh-heh-heh. Sorry. I just really had to? Starlight x Sunburst. Starburst. HA.

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I have a feeling that Sunburst never intended to leave Starlight like that. That he was just so caught up in the moment he never had a chance to say his goodbyes. And from what I'm guessing, his parents were in such a hurry to get him into the school they were talking about (I don't remember), he never had a chance. And if they do show him again, he's so caught up on his work and perhaps a high standing among ponies in Cantorlot, he can't make any time to rekindle his past friendships or for to his high standings, can't risk of being looked down upon and perhaps lose everything he worked for.
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His talent and the sun being mentioned in his name (perhaps even a relation to Sunset Shimmer) incline me to think in the present of the show he's in the Royal Guard somewhere - a soldier, in other words.
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Or perhaps, I think a new look would be a scientist like occupation. Studying Equestrian magic and history, and to understand how it works in their land. Unlike others, where we heard it where they want power or leadership, he really wants to know how it works and how he and others can use it for good.
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WHY DIDN'T WE SEE THIS IN THE SHOW?! Unless they decide to make a whole episode out of this later it stinks the episode ended without a scene like that! ><
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They're probably saving it for Season 6.
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I hope no. It would somehow degrade Starlight's character. And it would take her away from the mane 6.
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*See's ship name* Starburst Stream!!!
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Cool. Art. :) (Smile) 
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A ship has sailed
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Sunburst: I'm sorry about what happened years ago, Starlight.
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Daww! That's freaking adorable.
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Well according to Starlight Glimmer when she gave Twilight that first hand flashback she DID say that she and her friend Sunburst were practically inseparable.  If they didn't part ways as kids I'm sure they would make a great couple.  But who knows.  I at least ship it since they did have history.  Even though we only got a small glimpse of it as the audience.  Either way the picture is sweet and heartwarming.
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My headcanon for how they reunite: A big, light teal magic explosion from Starlight as she attempts to repetrify the Terrible Trio, only for her efforts to be in vain. She can no longer undo what she did, due to the magically enhanced "Staff of Sameness" and its absorption into that bracelet.
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GAH ship it 😍
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Awesome as aways :)
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There goes the shipping...
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Shipping intensifies. OwO
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Starburst yes a new ship has sailed.
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I would so approve of this for season 6.
This would make for a great opening episode for season six.
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Aw, this is just too precious I Love You Smiley

I hope Sunburst will appear in the show again, this could add more interesting character exploration and development.
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