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Derpy Racer GO!

"Adventures waitin' just aheadddd..."

I was surprised I saw no one making this reference with Derpy. Okay, maybe, there's not much of a link, but still.
She was made for the nutshell, but I enjoyed doing it so much, I thought this would be cool as a standalone.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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I think there were multiple nods to Speed Racer UN "Cart Before the Ponies".
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I've been on dA for eleven years. THIS is the first shoutout to Speed Racer I have seen!

I grew up watching Speed Raceer, Gigantor, The Eighth Man, AstroBoy. And all the Hanna-Barbera stuff. And all the Gerry Andersen stuff.
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And everyone should run away when she's on the course.
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(Sings) 'Here she comes, here comes Derp Racer...' :giggle:
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"Here she comes, here comes Derpy Racer!
She's a siren on wheels. She's a siren,
And she's gonna be chasin' after somepony!

She's gaining on ya, so ya better look alive!
She's revving up the powerful MUFFIN FIVE!
And when the odds are against her and there's,
Dangerous work to do. You bet your life,
Derpy will see it through!

Go, Derpy!
Go, Derpy!
Go, Derpy, Go!

She's off and flyin' as she runs the car around the track!
She's jamming down the pedal like she's never coming back!
Adventure's waiting just ahead!

Go, Derpy!
Go, Depry!
Go, Derpy, Go!"
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oh my god xD

im guessing im the only one who knows what that show is xD
Stuntpony's avatar
Nope, I've seen a couple of episodes too. Was that at medieval times or stone age? Can't even remember anymore.
ArtHeartGA's avatar

i think it was 1967-1968?

idk it was like 2006-2008 when i was watching it a lot, but thats because i wasn't born in the 60s
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Nice work. How's things going?
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
Dawwwww =3 Derpy is so cute ^^
D-Rock92's avatar
Actually played the Speed Racer theme in my head with her lyrics.
Persona22's avatar
Speed Racer?

I must admit that when I saw that starting line of cars I was thinking more about Wacky Racers.

But this works too.
She's gonna wreck that car backing out of the garage, you know.
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Derpy the Wacky Racer...

Appelwood Derby Racers would be a nice game to play if it was slightly different than Mario Kart. :L
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Derby won the derpy!!!
shirotora84's avatar
HA! I will win the race! Then I shall eat many muffins, HA!
Giddy up! Derpy Racers!
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Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U "Go, Speed Derpy! Go, Speed Derpy! Go, Speed Derpy, goooooooooooo!"Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U 
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You sure Muffins didn't say 'Suck on that Rarity'?
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