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Dance For Me, Babe


Non-animated version of the answer for "Episodes of the Crystal Empire". Crystal Empire, boring? PAH.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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H*LL YEAH !!!!!
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That's the most boring pose you could draw for a strip pole
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He's just starting out. He's done this many times.
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Princess Cadence-Grin : This is the best gift you've ever given me, Shining!
Shining Armor-Normal : Anything for you, dear
Queen chrysalis icon : I think I'm gonna be stuffed when I get home
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That was what Shining and Cadance had in mind. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.
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It just grew and expanded. massive blood flow to the-OH LOOK A BIRD!
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Aaaaaaaw yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!
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Shining : NO I WILL NOT DO THAT !!!
Candace : Please honey !
Shining : NO !!! And why I will do that !
Candace : Because, it make me crazy, you know what I mean ? (blink her eyes 
Shining : ... ! And one sexy dance for the sexy girl over here !!
Changeling : So my Queen, orders of the invasion ?
Chrysalis : Ok, let me 5 min, please.
Changeling : ...Ok? 
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Shining : And a other for this beautiful imaginative lady !
Candace : What ?
Shining : Euh...not beautiful as you honey ! *squeew*
Candace : ...shut up and do what she tell you !
Changeling : ...So ?
Chrysalis : 10min...euh no...15min !
Changeling : ...Ok !
Candace : Don't worry he can do that is 5min *like in bad* 
Shining : HEY !!
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Shining : I'm Sexy And I Know It ! I'm Sexy And I Know It !
Candace : Oooooooooooh !! I gonna pee !!!! >3<
Chrysalis : ...
Changeling : ...I thing we will forget the invasion.  =_="
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See Chryssi? You don't need mind control to make somepony pervy :D

Even if you want only slave pones, just ask them. You'll see the results without any magic or conspiracy. :P
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Thought Chysalsis got blown away. Good artwork though.
I adore Chryssie's expression.  "Oh.  Dear.  Sweet.  Chitin."
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Dangit Chrissy, even when you're being evil, you're cute...... I don't understand why.  Also, dem faices!
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This is how three all met, a wild and crazy night and it ends with Cadance in a cavern, Shining with glowing eyes, and Chrysi with a pink make over.
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I love all their faces, and I can just imagine what would happen  if Twilight suddenly walked in right then.
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The looks on their faces...... of its too much... I love this..the whole idea XD
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