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Shining Armor isn't as adept as he used to be playing his colthood videogames.

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Lol, Shining Armor looks really pissed off.
MathematicGreen's avatar
Me when I'm about to lose in street fighter
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LightspeedPhoenix's avatar
That face Shining makes is practically me whenever I get my Star stolen from me in the DS version of Mario Party.
elr79655's avatar
This is me and every smartphone ever made.
Didgereethebrony's avatar
That is me on Badland 2
ILoveGreenDeathsALot's avatar
Tragic Irony,no thumbs! lol 
DeskManiac's avatar
Lol thought he was reading a book :P
rserp8's avatar
:iconshiningarmorangryplz: :iconsaysplz: Ass! FUCK!!!
karkovice1's avatar
Twilight Velvet: SHINIIING, dinner's ready!

Shining Armour: Five more minutes, ma! I'm trying to reach the next level. AAAAARGH! Make that TEN minutes!

Twilight Velvet: SHINING! Put that game down and get in here before your dinner gets cold!

Shining Armour: What are you talking about!? We're having SALADS...
SourcesAndFlashes's avatar
Super Mario Land?
Which game?
ThirstyBoi39's avatar
...I played Kirby's Dream Land so many times on my old GameBoy that Right on the directional pad became unresponsive because I would press it in too hard. I had to press it in ever harder for it to work, which would leave a painful, square-shaped imprint on my thumb. 
Whispy Woods was so hard on the Extra game mode.
I found out that you could kill a Shotzo by standing on it for several seconds while invincible.
Kracko used to scare the crap out of me, especially when he would swoop down super fast.

...Ah, the memories...
Tin-Foil-Hat-101's avatar
He should try Dark Souls.
Flyboy77's avatar
I know that feeling Shining
PinkieThePowerpuff's avatar
Shining Armor: A.K.A. the new Button Mash.
ShannaImprov's avatar
That's me when I have problems with my computer.
TooCliched's avatar
Me when my game crashes.
CoolPenguin222's avatar
no thumbs.

or any fingers for that matter
KBL1035's avatar
Been there, done that.
(And this is the reason I stopped playing video games for a while xD)
EverlastingJoy's avatar
Ah yes, revisiting old games and getting to that one, frustrating part. Good times, good times.
987computer's avatar
Is that supposed to be a GameBoy (or GameColt)?
GJTProductions's avatar
I prefer GameFoal (both because it's somewhat more PC and rolls off the tongue easier) for a ponified name.
987computer's avatar
Seems appropriate enough.
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