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February 15th means price cuts on chocolates. Go out there and grab some fun, you crazy kids!

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Me: flash ... I know you love your princess but is it a little too much to give chocolates? ... .Oh boy! You are both in crazy sugar mode! ......... ..?!(me start runnig)
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Me: flash…i know you love your princess but is a bit too mose for give chocolates this mose? ….oh boy! both of you are in crazy sugar mode!………..?!(me run a way)
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Me: I'll join.
Me: OH SH*T.....
Pinkie: I feel it too...
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I hear Chara raging out in the distance.
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Lol, and I thought Pinkie will obviously go crazy on chocolates, but those 2? :o
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:icontwilightsmileplz: :iconsays3plz: MMMM! These discounted Hearts And Hooves chocolates are TO DIE FOR. Thanks, Flash Sentry!

:iconflashsentryplz: :iconsays3plz: Anything for YOU, my sweet!

:icontwilightsmileplz: :iconsays3plz: Uh, oh! SUGAR RUSH! *falls to the floor* O_O

:iconflashsentryplz: :iconsays3plz: I think I feel it coming on, too. GUUUUHHH... O_O
YoshiRingo's avatar
i just wanna hug that silly stallion >u<
Fujin777's avatar
Holy cow, that's a lot of coco.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
The only thing about Valentines day that means anything to me :D.
evangelian007's avatar
Twiggles the god tier adorkable Alicorn and Flash the Bradinator Sentry on a sugar rush. Be very afraid.:fear:
:iconchocolatefishplz: CHOCOLATE!!!
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By the looks in their eyes I'm guessing they got those chocolates from Tree Hugger.
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More Flashlight, YES!
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Twilight Sparkle Smile? plz  Sugar rush! Sugar rush!
Free to use Rainbow Dash Icon Seriously? You win every drinking game at the bar but sugar is your weakness?
 Luna 50X50 (icon smaller)  Well immortality gives extremely high resistance to all forms of poison but the higher metabolism of Alicorn bodies means sugar gets absorbed into the bloodstream faster and..
OMG Dash Face icon Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd!
 MLP Princess Luna (Super Cereal) Plz ... 
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To the moon with you Rainbow.
Chiyawa's avatar
Oh boy, Rainbow Dash just got herself banish to the moon.
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Only pinkie can eat so much sugar and still not get a sugar rush.
Renginer's avatar
Actually, I'm pretty sure Pinkie has a sugar rush 24/7
Kalenz123's avatar
Well at least she seems to keep her calories in balance with her hyperactivity ^^
templar127's avatar
High on chocolates!
SimonsArtbookService's avatar
They're hallucinating. Better get protection.
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