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Crimes Against Nature

By dm29
Twilight and Trixie have some explaining to do.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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I smell shipping.
ABFROZEN's avatar
karkovice1's avatar
Tea Cake Poodle meets... Orange Frog???
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Oh come now, they may be hideous abominations, but at least they're not evil. Let's just hope they can't breed.
ArcCahlon's avatar
hey uh tia.... gonna deal with this or uhh yea..... should we just have starlight deal with it.
EmoshyVinyl's avatar
I actually forgot about that orange from...Season 1?
Amyway, this definitely shows that Trixie's magic is
probably catching up to S1 Twilight. ^^
ArcCahlon's avatar
the orange frog is from season 3 episode 3 too many pinkie pies. it was because pinkie hug attacked twi 
EmoshyVinyl's avatar
Hmm....I swore I remember her doing that some time in
Season 1 when they introduced Pinkie's Pinkie sense. Oh
well....Doesn't really matter.

Though I still say that Trixie's skills is nearing S1 Twilight.
Definitely not S3.
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Teacup pup! Hehe
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
They are breaking the first Earth Pony Law of Science and Magic: Do not create sentient life from non-sentient matter.
Throw them both in jail.
great picture!
Love at first.... well, lack of sight. (because they don't have eyes) #dontexplainthejoke
SonicTAlicorn's avatar
OMG dm29 The Teacup poodle should have puppies with Discord's gravy boat from Keep Calm and Flutter On. XD
CrystalPastelKitty's avatar
Dammit, why? X)

Sorry for words. ;-;
AleximusPrime's avatar
Ship of the century!  :3
Ro994's avatar
Limeneroade's avatar
Shouldn't the orange be rotten by now?
Renginer's avatar
FrorangePoodle OTP
Mad42Hatter's avatar
And then they kissed, and made even more horrendous abominations to flood the world with their unholy terror!
Agetian's avatar
Haha nice job! :aww:
lightyearpig's avatar
I want Teacup Poodle to become Starlight's pet.
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