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Cookie Scout Fillies

"Alright! We cleared the block! We'll get our badges for sure!"

This, naturally, came after 28 Pranks Later. I'd imagine Twilight would've been an overachieving Filly Scout, and Moondancer would be in it with her. Minuette likes cookies.

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"I'll take your entire Stock"
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Daww, tiwly such an egghead having so many badges
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Once an overachiever, always an overachiever.
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I'll say. *gives them 1million bits* one of everything
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I'll take all the cookies you have. *pays them 1 million bits*
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XD Awww......
Cheeky little Minuette, getting hungry while on the job.
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I'll take 6 boxes of Thin Mints, 6 Tag Alongs and 4 Shortbreads, please!😀😋🍪💕
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Hey! How'd ya know I was in Scouts????? :O
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Minuette likes cookies.

(OoC: And then she had to go to the dentist, and the trip traumatized her for life, causing her to be obsessed with dental hygiene, thus giving her a Cutie Mark for dentistry)
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Twilight: I do not get it, for more boxes we sell simply we did not get earnings.
Moondancer: Maybe is the same reason why the cookies end very quick.
Minuette: ñom ñom ñom.
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Twilight, "With this magic spell their thievery shall be block, cookie thief wherever you are, get a nasty electric shock!"

Mineutte, "YEOW!!!" 
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My god. We're approaching lethal levels of adorable right now.
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Awww, such adorable little fillies! I'd buy all the cookies (especially if they're lemonade-flavored)...!
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Let's hope they don't meet a pony that freaks out and screams "chocolate!" constantly, and chases them and by the end says he wants to buy all of them for a lot of bits.
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