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Comic Block: Valuable Possessions

I think it's nice for Princess Ember to be a big sister figure to Spike, dragon-to-dragon.
Anything for a learning experience.

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I wish Ember had been in more episodes

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Rarity jealous

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“We dragons know a thing or 2 about possessions because we have a possession or 2”
-dragon farmers insurance
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"We. Are. Dragons. Bum bum bumbumbumbum"

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Spike has left this plane of existence.

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love your panels. Looks great

Ember, you sly dragon!

when some cases rarity had done the right thing and returned the emerald to princess ember which was put back in its place on her staff when it had led to a crush between princess ember and spike.

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I ship it. I ship it hard. 
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Blessed are we to be given Ember as our new Dragon Lord~😗😗😗
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Some of us would prefer to think that Ember could be Spike's lover, though.
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honestly i could go both ways, not at once though, that would be weird
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Can I take the panel of ember kissing spike and make a vector out of It please?
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sorry, no. Here's the official isolation though.
thanks for asking first. 
Amorous Ember by dm29
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By the way have you seen the my Little pony movie yet? 
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Thanks for the official vector though
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Something like this happen in the books, but it was a mare not Ember
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Spike gets all the mares, and all the beautiful dragons princess!
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OH IT'S WONDERLFUL! Ember kisses Spike in this comic,I hope that through this in seven season in some episode.Heart 
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