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Comic Block: Twilight Time

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Published: March 3, 2014
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I can explain!

I've noticed this little foal in "Twilight Time" (4x15), and he also appears in "Pinkie Pride" (4x12). Do we have a name for him? "Home Run"? "Pitch Hitter"? "Li'l Leaguer"?

Can we call him First Base? I like that name. I can't decide. Let's get a poll done.

He only reminds me of one other pony. Flash Sentry (Oh, c'mon. Those colours.) What if he was related to Flash Sentry? Perhaps an adoptive brother because the little one isn't a pegasus? Scootaloo has Rainbow Dash and we seem pretty on the ball with that. I like the idea of a Flash Sentry who has a little brother to watch over, blood-related or not. I got more planned for these two. I think they make a great team.

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BBBHueyHobbyist General Artist
If there's one thing I've noticed, is that all ponies do not normally resemble their siblings. I mean, look at Thunderlane Thunderlane 2 and RumbleRumble 
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MLP-TrailGrazerHobbyist Digital Artist
Turns out his official name is Pop Fly
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First Base? Oh wait thats baseball! I thought it was... You know...
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CookieFoxButtStudent Digital Artist
can i make a base out of this comic please Fluttershy dance 
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dm29Hobbyist Digital Artist
no. please do not make bases out of my work. thanks.
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CookieFoxButtStudent Digital Artist
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DiscourtHobbyist Artist
Brothers? Eh thought he was his father. XD
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Too bad she's in love with your alternate reality counterpart. 
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Fare-MaidenStudent General Artist
Hmm..seems like their ship can't sail (secretly happy)
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E-M-E-R-LHobbyist Digital Artist
I just happen to be watching the Twilight Time episode lol where the CMC are running from the chanting horde
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destoryer1234Student General Artist
Sometimes = Always , right ?
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PsychoTeensieHobbyist General Artist
They could probably be blood related.. as shown in Baby Cakes, the genetics for ponies show you can have more then one kind of pony in your bloodline if at least one of the parents carry the genes for more then one type, even if it's a distant relative and even if neither of the parents are that kind. :meow: Also, I rather like both "Home Run" and "First Base".. Hell, he could be called Batter Up for all we know! :D I like the name choices either way, and I'll go vote. Great work on this, BTW.
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HTTYD2loverQueenHobbyist Traditional Artist
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PonyAlfonso Digital Artist
Cool :)
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AochiroStudent General Artist
I thought I was the only one who noticed him! Heheheh apparently not. =p
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How about "Waifu Stealer"?  With the title, "Future"?
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YingyanggamerHobbyist General Artist
"I think I'll take yer waifu out fer steak dinner tonight, what d'ya think about dat?"
kildeez's avatar
I doubt she'd like it.  Steak, I mean.  
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YingyanggamerHobbyist General Artist
"Next time eat a salad!"
kildeez's avatar
(to be clear, are we quoting Team Fabulous 2?)
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YingyanggamerHobbyist General Artist
I'm just quoting Team Fortress 2 in general.
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