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Comic Block: The Wrong Box

"Damn you, Amazon."

If you didn't know, the three-book Daring Do boxset comes in a box that looks like a treasure chest. 
I had this idea for a while, but while I wanted to get it out, I felt I didn't really need to put too much into it.
Also I believe this is my first proper Daring Do vector.

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victorfazbear's avatar
wait hold on (teleports the gem to daring do and the book chest to rd)
elr79655's avatar
Look at the bright side: Dash can probably afford to retire early now.
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
Mmmm looks like someone played the old switcharoo at the airport
NightSilverShadow's avatar
I wish it was Harry Potter though
hero1211's avatar
what would be funny is if this was before she found out the truth behind Daring Do
imasuperstar1230's avatar
R.D: i CAN BE A WONDERBOLT! :happybounce: Love 
Daring Do: Argh CURSE YOU! 
The-Waith's avatar
Daring Do: But I just wrote these books...

Rainbow Dash: I'M RICH! I'M RICH, I'M RICH, I'M RICH!
Luna7Legend's avatar
i have the boxset
rainbowrider66's avatar
RD:Sweet free money!
Rayjaycal's avatar
Know that you found treasure.......... YOU CAN BUY MORE BOOKS NOW!!!!!
kacript's avatar
I just know this is Derpy's fault.
hero1211's avatar
yep she messed up the hundredth episode so it probably was
ChaoticFluttershy's avatar
Screw the books. I'M RICH!

teammates's avatar
paradox in 3...2...1

get the doctor
SonicBolt456's avatar
No paradoxes here, Learn the Definition before using the word 
teammates's avatar
how is there no paradox? daring do has just stumbled upon books stating that shes fiction, but yet she exists.
SonicBolt456's avatar
Do you even watch the show, daring do is a real pony.
And that is still not a paradox.
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