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Comic Block: The Support A Girl Needs

Twilight still has much to learn.

It's my first comic with the Equestria Girls!
Now, the ending punchline I now realise has got two meanings. It actually wasn't meant to refer to... those.

I'm pretty much in a Rainbow Rocks kinda mode. Until I actually see the actual movie. Tomorrow's release is going to be exciting.

GamerSpax actually took the liberty and time to animate this...…

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And applejack doesn’t too, I’m assuming

RuneSoldierDan's avatar
This kills me! :D I'm so happy to have found it again.
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Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote we are Nobodies GIVE US YOUR HEARTS!!

:iconsunsetshimmercrazyplz: Yes give us!! 
Rarity (No no touch anything no touch) plz Ok this is getting out of hand   
ArtsyStuff016's avatar
Lol, "They have no hearts".
SilverSpark422's avatar
Fluttershy always had the biggest heart of the bunch. 
Truth be told it's a fantasy of mine to imagine pony Twilight being confused by underwear, since it leads to all sort of innocent moments of lewdness.
trecegato's avatar
Can I translate this comic of yours to the spanish?
nightshadowmlp's avatar
Rarity can't let Equestria know about bras.

Ponies would freak.
BokunZhao's avatar
I'm more awkward than them..when I saw this.
But the ending's hilarious!
kuronekoking's avatar
Sunset doesn't even deny lacking a heart.
IronNaes's avatar
is she talking about a bra and if so how is twilight takeing hers off with out takeing her shirt off and how does she know rainbow dash and sunset aren't wareing them?
Ayfish0417's avatar

she can saw their nipples, i think

Sturmlion1's avatar
EQG Rarity Icon #22 "Its not my fault your all so underdeveloped in comparison to me! Darlings"
TwiheartK's avatar
Kinda sad.. I don't get it XD
Chibi-Fisch's avatar
They are talking about bras.  Rainbow and Sunset don't seem to be wearing bras because they have small boobs supposedly.
Pearlfully's avatar
Don't worry. Neither do I.
SOunds about right... Ladies please, put down that shotgun!
Winxpony1Aj's avatar
Cool And Funny!!
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