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Comic Block: The Proposal

The best way to a mare's heart is through her insatiable love for hayburgers.

Hey! It's another comic! With Flash and Twi! On a bench! The same one probably! Look: 
One, I want to get the FlashLight stuff out of the way. 
Two, I did this after "The Experiment" during the high of Twilight's new secret sauce shame. 
Three, I love that bench. It's Twilight's favourite spot for reading and hanging out when she's forced to head outdoors. 

I did want to put the two at where Shining Armor and Cadance were, but that would mean Shining Armor would be blatantly spying at them, next to them, to deliver his line. So I kept the two couples apart.

I feel I should point out here that Shining Armor is turned off by the horrendously cheesy move by Cheeseball there, and not so much for Cheeseball himself. I mean, wouldn't you be?

It's a rash of Flash Sentry x Twilight art! A third one in a row. Coming soon, something without Flash Sentry. The Breezies, probably.

Revision 2: Twilight's MAGICKS (catch, DarkLordIsraphel)

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late Flash say to Shining armor and Cadence his real plan for married Twilight and both say is great idea but flash say he dont have the money to buy the ring yet but ones get it he will but like he say he wait the right time!

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Love at first sight.  Slayer Smile by Thurnisu  
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Flash: “I know this may look cheep, but it’s the best I can afford, and I’d like you to share it with me.”
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Huh. What an interesting proposal.
FlareEmerald77's avatar
I’m confused, is he asking her to marry him or are they just sharing food? XD
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MLP belongs to you too. lol

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Fuckin’ brony weeaboos hating on Flash bc he looks better than their OC ships.
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well flash and twilight both love hayburger!
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Would it be alright if I can dub this comic with my fellow VAs?
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What's wrong with Shining? :/
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how did he know she loves that resturant, STALKER
goldorakx69's avatar
a staillion know he mare! ( the girls tell him so flash know the way to twily happy) i am sure more surpires for her like a new book well this is to ovius
goldorakx69's avatar
shining can't belive Flash do this incente the do a real proposal. but Cadanse got a lot the fun to then do this but one flash will do the real one cuz tell her he will were he ready and form everypony and ask Cadance to kype the secrect. but this give a little enche on this but twilight fond out or will get be surpire on the day flash plan for the future of  toof them? nopny know! but twilight will happy for sure!
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Me: Erm... TwilightSparkle and FlashSentry ? Seri-OOMPH! (I didn't watch where I was going and ran right into a stop sign! oops...) ad's going to eve a muck or a ew ays...
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Dang did you bite your tongue too? qwq that's gotta suck
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That's so cute
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The best way to a mare's heart is through her tummy. And no, I don't mean it like that.
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FlashLight, huh?

...did the creators know? ._.
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