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Comic Block: The Perfect Paraphrasing

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I really, really enjoyed vectoring Pear Butter, making her as good as she looked in the most beautiful scene this season. Of course, the episode isn't out yet. Like that has stopped any of you.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Delphina34Hobbyist Digital Artist
Plot Twist: Featherbangs is actually Big Mac’s father.
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Meh, It could be worse. Right Fry?

Philip Fry (I'm not sure if) [V2] ...
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fanfics4everHobbyist General Artist
"...and that's how Equestria was made!"
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DeviantMaster2014Hobbyist General Artist
Me: Pinkie, get out of here!
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JojoDaggerbackHobbyist Traditional Artist
pinkie pie (boooring) plz And then featherbang revealed he was a highlander
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There can be only one
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lynnqueenofsportsHobbyist Digital Artist
oh damn you feather bangs!
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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
You tell them Sunset. Adios Justin Bieber.
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How does Pinkie know Feather Bangs? Did Apple Bloom or another CMC tell her?
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TheCartoonWizardHobbyist Artist
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HAHA! Oh Pinkie you silly mare you... :3
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meiyeezhuHobbyist Traditional Artist
How about I interfere with YOUR Quartz and Granite Pie get-together story with a grim Cupcakes mix??
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dksponge13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pinkie Pie, queen of exaggerating details. 😁
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Homer Simpson - Spur of the Moment "i like stories"
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dm29Hobbyist Digital Artist
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you might want to watermark your art because I still see bases from your art
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dm29Hobbyist Digital Artist
no. that is beneath me. I enjoy knowing everyone can appreciate my work unobscured.
I have faith in all of you you don't need to be dustmites who can't read instructions stealing other's work without permission and modifying it.

But thank you.
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If Feather Bangs had a time machine!
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm really glad I watch the episode at the bronie party saturday night so i could see this (been deleting everything related to the episode till now) really cute comic and 100% was her daddies doing
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KuroNeko369Hobbyist Writer
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*grabs newspaper* Oh Pinkie Pie, are you familiar with today's news? No? Let me inform you. It'll be VERY CLOSE-UP... :XD:
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