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Comic Block: The Masterplan

Ooh, burn.

I forgot I actually put Chrysalis in a comic block already, but this one is unrelated to that one, or any one for that matter. 

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Mini me.. snrk this is awesome

The comic kind of predicted the season 6 finale.

Where Chrysalis manages to SOMEHOW captured not just Shining and Cadance but also the Mane 6, (sadly) the Royal Sisters(freaking bs with Luna's case) and Spike(despite her arrogance should have made her neglect capturing him) and had changelings impersonate them.

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"My name is Little Shining! And I will rule the world! Fear MEEE...!"
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The stare exchange between Cady and Armor-the-Lesser is soo dramatic, a true breaking point! x)
rautamiekka's avatar
Sucks to be you, Chrysalis ! :XD:
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I love when everyone stares.
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So Changelings can change their appearance, but not their size. Is this accurate?
rautamiekka's avatar
I think that one Changeling needs some training at transformation. That, or he doesn't have the ability to control his size during transformation.
hero1211's avatar
this actually might of happened in the season finale since that is what she literally had a lot of her changlings do in it
Setakarn's avatar
Puts on shades 
MusicHeart001's avatar
that last panel tho xD
Arancaytar's avatar
Aw, it's a Mini-Shiny.
It's too cute... I can't handle it ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ESLM-Studios's avatar
There's something you don't see everyday.
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Did Candence make a pun on the last panel?!? Silly Dance, weeh GIF My Little Pony - Fantastic!! Dipper Swag Icon - Free to Use Mabel Swag Icon - Free to Use PLZ TELL ME SHE DID CUZ THAT WAS A GENIUS MOVE!!!  Idk...wat IM sAyIn aNYMoRE...
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she needs to seriously get either of them to love her. If she doesn't then what's the point?
thiefdsaara1's avatar
Shining will name this one.... Minime
ikerimi's avatar
I am little Shinning, AND I WILL RULE THE WORLD!
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your icon is perfect for what you said
lul-laby's avatar
it kills me everytime BEST ICON
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