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Comic Block: Somepony's In The Kitchen

Shining Armor likes his cookies with a little more... sugar.

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How about some chocolate kisses? Good try anyway Shining

tails208's avatar
Lol at least he tried
BadgerHood12's avatar
"No Hershey? Okay."
What a bitch! No, but this and jokes like this (a woman mocking/humiliating an innocent man), a type we've seen countless times, actually make me uncomfortable because if the genders were flipped, people wouldn't think it was funny and would find it unpleasant and abusive. I wonder what peoples' reactions to this would be if Cadence and Shining Armor switched.
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but why did they dump flour in his head he had a suggestion 
Sendic's avatar
now let's add the blood of the nonbelievers!
Kalenz123's avatar
I would have expected Twilight to start smooching all over Shining
OfficalKitKatKitty's avatar
you do know that shining is her brother right
Kalenz123's avatar
Oh look a troll
Setakarn's avatar
that description though xD

Puts on shades
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"Well you can't blame a stallion for trying, oh well...  Mmm, flower!"
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My Little Pony - Luna... : Thou have been rekt!!!
kawaiipotatolove's avatar
I thought it would be the other way around
pinku82828's avatar
Or someponys fucked the princess
CaptainPrower's avatar
Cadence, he meant those little chocolate candies you dope!
PLsboss1's avatar
Maybe he is talking about the contact version, or the chocolate version.......
Shinning, are you "all white"?
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I think Cadence will abandon that freak 
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wat da fudgenugget
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