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Comic Block: Seeing Double

Poor Flash. Someone should tell him already.

I don't do EQG comics a whole lot because it's a different universe, it contains a suite of different characters and the tedious posing of limbs. But this one was needed. Poor, poor Flash.

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XD. Well, nice of Flash to like Sci-Twi.

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Flash is in denial and refuses to accept the fact Twilight ain't coming back. So, he seeks to replace Twilight with Sci-Twi because she looks like her. That is just sad.

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In Legend of Everfree, Sunset finally told him.
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I love Sunset’s expression on panel 7. Almost a big-sister like power behind it.
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"Flash goes in the trash." - Zecora
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Even as a strong and determined guard,
being over-clingy will not get you far.
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He is nice, just a little slow in processing new information... ^^; :XD:
*chucks a marshmallow at Twiley and runs*
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Come now, Flash. If you EVER want to have a chance with human Twilight, you've got to accept that she's not pony Twilight, and that pony Twilight has better things to do than come rushing through the portal just to see you.
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Ever noticed that when it's human Flash with pony Twilight, it is considered wrong. But when it's pony Sunset with human Twilight, it is suddenly right?
Pred-K-Kaladral's avatar
That's right! Step back, dammit!
Fandom-Crockpot's avatar
I like it, I'm not sure how to describe it, though.
Flash Sentry is BEST HUMAN
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What font text did you use for this comic?
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Sue Ellen Francisco
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^^; Heh, never make Sunset mad.(Despite me shipping Flashlight, I really don't want Sunset's wrath. XD) You can really tell that Sunset is very protective of her friends when it comes to a romance with a guy. XD
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"I'm sure he is."

Uh, Sunset? Didn't he used to be your (token) boyfriend?
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*kisses both Sunset and Twilight* swag~
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BAD FLASH!BAD FLASH!get away form twilight!She loves comet tail!back!go!shoo shoo!
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Oh for the love of... Flash if you really like her then man up and become a pony!

The portal's right :p
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