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Comic Block: Royal Guard Inspection Day

I have been spending a lot of time in the Crystal Castle, haven't I? They're the home of my favourite ships! Why would I leave!?
This comic is just something silly I came up with. Twilight has an excuse for everything.

An early version had the fifth front-facing guard as Flash Sentry, and was also more suggestive. Plus, Twilight shouted twice on two separate frames.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. Twilight is a princess of Equestria, not the Crystal Empire. Why would she have any power there?
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Can I use your comic for a comic dub please?
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Sure. Go ahead. You won't be the first.
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Its like The Women in Sherlock  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!Sherlock Hair Ruffle 
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They work together
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Now listen up, everypony. Princess Twilight Sparkle is very serious over with Flash Sentry being toying by anyone of you. Messing with him would angered her. So don't be like this guy who's been punished for threatening Flash.
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Princess Cadence Stop trying to stop your sister from scoring!
Shining Armor adorable GIF Wait WHAT!?!
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Twilight's excuse to hang out with Flash
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He looks clean. What did Shining Armor did to him?
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I love Flash's reaction and the way Twilight just yells that she is in charge
kawaiipotatolove's avatar
I thought she liked him...
thesilverFlames's avatar
That's why she's kidnapping him from the line of colts
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Well played princesses, especially you, Twilight
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(In character) THIS is why I work as a Guard in Canterlot.
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This is the royal guard inspection day... princess style
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Omg .. It's just pannel's 11 & 12 that got me XD OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 
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I ship it so much but Flash's lack of character development annoys me.
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XD Flash x Twilight
         Flashlight (my shipping name for them XD)
mlpartsisters's avatar
Everyone's shipping name for them. x3
Robot972's avatar
Yeah, realized that recently*
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