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Comic Block: Rookie Mistake

You don't even have guards in your castle, Twilight.

MIND-BLOWN. I mean, what a season closer. Uh, yeah. I'm still reeling from the effects of the episode...
But this was, and still remains, the one thing that bugged me since I saw the teaser last week for this episode. LOCK UP, TWILIGHT.

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is more Spike who will forget to lock the castle and two event is lock, she got magic to teleport in or unlock!

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Starlight wins, hands down!
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She could have just teleported in for all we know.
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I dont think the castle doors HAVE locks
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Hi! I just did a dub of this comic if you are interested in checking it out. ;)
Summer-Lime's avatar
It's still Ponyville's only library, tho.
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
This takes on a new meaning after season premiere, with the way Starlight had such a hard time finding her way around. Can't you imagine her trying to find an open door, then wandering around for hours and hours trying to find the map room?
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My cousin forgot to lock the door when he went to walk our dog. And then a hobo got in.
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I wish I was kidding. :grump:
StarGiantProductions's avatar
Does her castle even have a lock? Does ponyville even have locked doors?
GamerLynxForever's avatar
Of course they do, i think.
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Lock the door twilight!!!
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i guess this is the down side of having such a low crime rate. vengeful unicorns can waltz around unguarded castles, and cool pegasi can break into hospitals.
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Twilight, you should get some guards. Maybe your friends could be your guards. :3
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Twilight "forgot" to lock the door the whole season... -.- See, this is what happens when you don't lock the door... but then again, if Twilight had locked the door, then Starlight probably wouldn't have been Twilight's student.
Undrave's avatar
Well... Starlight Glimmer is a powerful unicorn mage, so maybe Twilight did lock and Starlight just teleported in? Or just used the ol' Knock spell to open the lock.
Facility-Art's avatar
Twilight seriously need to find out how keys work...Facepalm 
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bladra (me): *dragging a battered starlight glimmer* this yours??

twilight: *eyes widen* um..yes??

spike: *jaw dropped* holy guacamole he beat her!!

me: meh she was to easy i faced a alternate dimension of a being that named himself of kid buu and that dude was powerful enough to destroy a dozen planets with in a week max

twilight: but why did you stop her then if you could beat her easy??

me: she was breaking intergalactic law code 4543-alpha 49 altering time line to cause chaos and suffering is considered taboo to the intergalactic ancient council and i owed them a favor at the time so they decided to cash it in easy

spike: what did you do to get them owe you a favor??

me: getting a rare crystal that would help my inter dimensional gate way device be powered forever

twilight: *squee!* you can inter dimensional travel!!!

me: well yeah how else you think i got to this dimension

twilight: touch'e
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nice thats how the season should have ended
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Haha! This is so true... :XD: :XD: :XD:
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this is why twilight should get flash to be one of her gaurds
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