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Comic Block: No Good At Weddings

royalcouch by dm29

I had to reschedule what I was supposed to upload at this time with this late-breaking comic block. As much as I don't like to release two comic blocks so near to each other, it needed to be fresh while the aftermath of yesterday is still in our minds.

I really enjoy Shining Armor's new head I did for him.

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Right in que pinkie pie
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Damn you royal weddings!
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The description is the real punchline.
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Haha! Seriously, Shining?! :XD: :XD: :XD:
And then he got no flank for a month
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Waka waka!

Cute comic! :3
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Shining a the couch:
"Totally worth it."
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Shining Amror: (Thinking) I will be sleeping on the couch tonight for that one but it was totally worth it.
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Guys like it!

It's like camping.
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