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Comic Block: Long Distance


I've always wanted to show Cadance foalsitting and doing the phone call cliche. Initially, I wanted to pull off a Calvin and Hobbes-type sneaky-sneak deal, but I changed it up a bit and included less of that.

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give her what she wants now

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Ah good Calvin and Hobbes reference, it’s been a long time since read those books, nice comic.
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It's almost nice to see that Twilight had bad days as a filly, rather than her being the stereotypical super syrupy sweet little girl who never* gets into trouble or is in a grumpy mood. 
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Female Calvin, turned into a pony, and dyed purple.

Rosalyn, turned into a pony, then got dyed pink.

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Is it weird i thought she was talking about *ahem* aa different kind of flugel horn
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Unfortunately I had the same thought...
*Slams my head into the table while punching the wall with my hooves*
Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. 
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Twily's like "SURPRISE, BITCH!" But still, pretty good
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"I wanna see your flugelhorn some time, Mr. Maestro."

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cadence's tail is sensitive loool


not sori
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What's this about playing Shining Armor's flugelhorn?
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That's how I feel when I get babysat
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your comics are the best. Little note, MAKE MORE & MORE & MOOOOOORRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hahahahaha! your comic is the best!
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This kinda reminds me of an old "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip. The difference being that Calvin assaults his babysitter because he thought of her as evil and wanted to play the "hero". But as you can see, Twilight did the same cuz she wanted to talk to Shining.
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Actually, Calvin DID once assault Rosalyn.

As Stupendous Man.
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That's what I was talking about
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Oh. I didn't see that part. Somehow this happens a lot.
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How to play a Flugelhorn:
1. Put your mouth on the tip
2. Blow
3. Enjoy the resulting sounds

What? I'm just talking about flugelhorns, man. I don't know what you think I'm talking about. You're the one with the dirty mind. Lenny Rainbow Transparent Gif 
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Twilight out of f#cking no where!
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