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Comic Block: It's What's For Dinner

I had this idea after I caught episode 4-03. Twilight was supposed to deliver Angel to Fluttershy on a meal-like platter. That didn't work very well. Then I remembered I had the front of Fluttershy's cottage vectored and unused for a long time before reworking it to this.

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Angel Bunny is no angel.  Cook him!
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Of course she comes in when Angel jumps on his carrots...
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twilight sparkle (smile) plz This is Not what look like RD!
Dash facehoof Damn it Nerd

MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Seductive Flirtatious You wouldn't say something like would you?
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This isn't what it looks like!!!!
HAHAHAHA! Omg, so much for vegetarian! 
BokunZhao's avatar have dinner with you.
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Twilight: "Uh I can explain."
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RD:finally someone is doing it
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I actually had rabbit before. it tastes pretty good.
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King of hyrule : "i wonder whats for dinner"
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Lol that is so funny well done
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Yummy bunny. 
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Singing carrots: Do it! Do it!  Do it!  She'll never know!
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Twilight! Don't even think about eating Angel!
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RD: :O
Twilight: Hehe... :D It's NOT what it looks like?.....
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Discord (squee) But if it is can I have some?
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