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Comic Block: It's Good For You

"wrong pie..."

Not all pies sit well with Soarin'.

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So Pinkie finally made a pie that Rainbow Dash likes, huh?
equestriaguy637's avatar
i just realized, what if Pinkie sees this comic? XD
W0nderbolts's avatar
thats just plain cruel
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Broccoli pie...does that even exist?
Alcolm's avatar
Fun fact: I love broccoli, but I am allergic to it. Which is weird, because I've had it several hundred times before with next to no repercussions... but still!
LuismiPro465's avatar
I like brocoli xD
KittyCutieMeow's avatar
*split* ...broccoli >:C
herobot3000's avatar
Broccoli pie weird taste
jakthehero99's avatar
Huh. Who knew Rainbow Dash loved broccoli?
Feralysis's avatar
I thought for a minute that RD just didn't want to share.
PacificGreen's avatar
rarityponydesigner's avatar
Inside Out Reaction Icon: Anger on fire :iconsaysplz: CONGRATULATIONS, RAINBOW DASH! YA'VE RUINED PIE!
ILoveGreenDeathsALot's avatar
lol tht cute and sad lol
LuismiPro465's avatar
Combinar algo dulce como un pie con brócoli, merece la hoguera.
LuismiPro465's avatar
No tiene por qué. Criticar por gustos, tal y como has hecho y sigues haciendo, por lo que veo, tú, sí que merece la hoguera
LuismiPro465's avatar
Sí, ahora que lo pienso bien, puse el comentario por que me imaginé la masa dulce del pie con el relleno de brocoli ¿Pero esa masa también puede ser la cobertura de un pascualina? Ahí me parece que tiene más sentido. 
LuismiPro465's avatar
A saber. De todas formas, para gustos, colores xD
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hey I like broccoli too :D
FEqBrony's avatar
How DARE you ruin my ship! Soarin MUST be shipped with pies!!!!!!
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