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Comic Block: Infractions

"I'm sorry, big brother."

Some of you didn't understand why Twilight beat Flash Sentry in the previous one (Twilight couldn't focus with stupid, sexy Flash Sentry in her head), but I thought I just do up this one because I like Shining Armor and his position on the matter, plus it answers another one of the burning questions. Guess which one!

Head-canon: Flash Sentry doesn't like getting randomly beaten, much less from royalty, for no reason. His appearance here can reflect that this isn't the only time it happened. So reporting the matter to his commanding officer would be the wisest thing to do. Shining Armor may have an issue with Flash Sentry, but he's watches out for the royal guards under his command before anything else, which I felt would be nice to show. There's probably a lesson in there somewhere.

(Revision 1: Typo. Ugh. Thanks RainbowCrystalGamer)

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Well, Shining didn't appreciate Twilight and Flash be together. -_-
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He’s actually supportive of it. It’s just that in a previous comic, Twilight bonked Flash Sentry on the head out of nowhere due to a misunderstanding. Shining is just reprimanding Twilight that she shouldn’t do that again in the future as it’ll make the guards weary and nervous around her.
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I'm just gonna take a guess here that this is a nosebleed joke, Flash saw Twi and though of sexy sexy, and got a nosebleed; Shining came by in the midst and daftly figures she punched him in the nose. But of course that would be too obvious, so I'm just gonna say she lost her damn mind and went on a rampage.

And now that I say that I found the previous comic. Either way I'm satisfied with my logic. 
Wait, why is she apologizing to Shining Armor and not Flash? What an unlikable asshole. And she keeps thinking about how sexy Flash is, so that makes her want to hit him? What sense does that make? Flash looks so timid, which makes him look weak and bad as a character and worth less as a person, even more so that he's having someone else take care of it for him. I really wanted him to be the one to settle things and get even with her.
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Hey you work is extremely fun to dub. Don't know if your picky bout your stuff being dubbed cause I saw your big permission thing on your main page a second ago. Anyway heres a link to the dub for this comic.…
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For those of you who dont know, this is a continuation of this…
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I is confused, why would Twilight want to hurt Flash Sentry
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Flash has a shield called Shining Armor!!!
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Flash beaten up by Twilight, lol
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HA!! Love it :D XD
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GIF My Little Pony - Crazy! GIF My Little Pony - Crazy! GIF My Little Pony - Crazy!    what is wrong with twilight these days?
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tomas from regular show idk why?
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flash reminds me of this guy:
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Lol flash is hiding behind the table
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lets finish this.....
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flash is staring that pie down
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or scared of twilight and hiding
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GASP NOT FLASH :iconcryforverplz:
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Twilight-but bbbff he started it!
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