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Comic Block: HOOFBALL!!

"Wait, what was I worried about? Meh. Not important. HOOFBALLLL!!!"

Yesterday's premiere would actually be the first season opener without our favourite baby dragon. Not sure how I feel about that. Does that mean Spike can't do jack without a cutie mark? That's... MARKIST!! But at least he had a blast with the bros, right?

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XD i love this  just so perfect and cute
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And if you listen closely you can here a ponifide version of protonjohn cosplaying as chris redfield eating a egg screaming "HOOFBALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!"
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You ready for some HOOFBALL?!
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Why did his hat change in the third panel? oO
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i don't see it
XTApocalypse's avatar
Look harder.

In all other panels it's blue and has a stripe. In that one, it's just solid gray.
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barbie reference
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i think spike and protonjon would get along ok
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Did you really just mention ProtonJon?
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That be NintendoCapriSun
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i just love making TRG references
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"Don't make me take that controller away from you." -ProtonJon 2015
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The ever popular "not beer"
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So soda which would mean that not soda would be beer.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
"Because stallions"
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LukeXEmma's-boyfriend-I-forgot-the-name-of-off-of-Jessie in a nutshell.
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