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Comic Block: Forbidden Fruit

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© 2015 - 2020 dm29
This one is short and sweet. It was late at night and I had the brainwave and threw everything together for a quick comic.
Apple Acres Pear Disposal Unit by dm29 
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SlainetheArtistNew Deviant

Big Mac at the end, though...

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You predicted the future.
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*Insert comment about AJ being half-pear despite the fact that this comic was clearly made in 2015 here.*
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KaylaTechHeartHobbyist Artist
But is't she half Pear though? XD LOL
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LunalaCrevanStudent General Artist
I'm dead now!
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I'm not sure this is how it's done, but here goes: 

Applejack.EXE has stopped working.
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fanfics4everHobbyist General Artist
AJ... you're HALF pear!
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How did people not get this lol. XD
NightSilverShadow's avatar
A pair............*still thinking*........OH!!!
I get it🍐
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New conclusion: "Why did you have to remind me of my mother..."
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MoonlitRoseKatHobbyist Digital Artist
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cxncernedStudent Digital Artist
is it wrong that i instantly got it
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Gimme a minute. I'll figure it out eventually.

*5 minutes and one asking a friend later*

Hahaha hahaha... ha.

Sorry, I lost the laughing mood a while back
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cliff999Hobbyist General Artist
Heh. Took me a moment to get the joke.
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kouliousisHobbyist Artist
What happen?
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How could you say that AJ?!
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VelvetyLicksHobbyist General Artist
Applejack is now broken...
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MusicHeart001Hobbyist Digital Artist
and I was watching some Sans puns earlier... 
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ok lord help me that was a good one
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Not the pears!!!!!Scootaloo Intensifies 
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Oh i get it now. A pair as in fruit. Didn't get that at first.
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this joke has so many frikking layers its pefect
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Icy-Crystal-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
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