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Comic Block: Flurry's First Words

Admittedly a little cruel, but I loved doing the expressions on Shining Armor.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Im a sucker for father and daughter relationships

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Close but no cigar....!

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I saw this comic in a YouTube video! Purple Guy Smile Icon
And this is why you should go to Bobthedalek's universe before tying to pull anything. That Shining will fall for anything.
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nice try cadence!
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Is cadence pretending that flurryheart can talk? or she can do a spell that flurryheart can take for a little while?
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Pretending, making it sound like Flurry is saying it.
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Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Cadence pretends that Flurry Heart talks? Now why would shewant to do that?
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Shining Armor is alot of things. Stupid ain't one of 'em
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It was worth a try.
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Cadence: Princess of Ventriloquism
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Had to try, apparently.
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Switcheroo:Welp Eheh 

Flurry:Mommy! Love..To..Vacation

Switcheroo:im gonna wath fairy tailWellcome-to-fairy-tail  master...natzu..lucy...WHERES ERZA!!!!
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Now that's just silly. XD
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3rd panel is priceless
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Well, he's not QUITE that stupid.
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Stupid but not THAT stupid. :P I guess stallions are more like human men than we think.
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Well he has not seen the change in Cadence's personnality, when he was going to marry her (well nobody have, only Twilight has understand that something was wrong)

so maybe that he's not the smartest
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I know he doesn't seem like the sharpest knife but he still has some edge to him.
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