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Comic Block: Fizzy Cider Accident

And that's why Spike is not allowed to drink soda anymore.

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Celestia….. uhhh spike and fizzy cider

Twilight *sigh* e-yup

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some fan think spike can teleport every thing with his flame but is worng! only lettle with magic rubon! the magic rubon create by celestia to help twilight! this way spike is become very usefull! this joke is funny first but now is not! the mose them is to make fun of celestia!.....all of them! if use his flame on some thing with no magic rubon is go to dust! plus the magic ruben is with the cutie mark of the pony the lettle is mose go! if lettle got luna cutie mark is go to luna if got cadence cutie mark is go to cadence but the ruben can't go to somepony with no cutie mark! but all the lettle use in the show be go to celestia! why? the rubon go celestia cutie mark as seal so is to celestia! and every time spike use his flame to burn some thing is only burn! not be teleported! i know joke! but is not funny and the show and last movie prove spike can't teleport other or something with his flame!
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What it Twilight had the ribbons on her in order to send quickly a letter to Celestia?
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the fan think spike can teleport everything with his flame but is not true! only the scrolls with those celestia seal on the ribbons to send to celestia! *What it Twilight had the ribbons on her in order to send quickly a letter to Celestia?* i dont think he will work! why? i am sure celestia is the one a create those seal with a save mode on it! plus if twiliht wear it and shot his flame on her , only the ribbons will go but twilight will get some burn mark on her! celestia a create those to work only in paper! think of you create some thing in way he work and his limite, do really think will go beond his limite? no! if he be , is with some magic boost from twilight but twilight will never do this! if she want to teleport to canterlot she will do by her magic! not do something will a chance to kill her! 
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Um... dude... I hate to burst your bubble, but... Spike has TWO fires. The red fire he has to burn stuff (he used that to save the Equestria Games by melting a falling ice chunk) and his green magic fire, which is what sends the letters and stuff to Celestia (yes, it's the fire that's magic, not the letters; I'm surprised to find that as well), and it can happen by accident (In "Griffon the Brush Off", the season 1 episode that debuted Gilda, he accidentally gets the burping fits thanks to a prank of Pinkie and Dashie and begins to "fire-port" things to Celestia by accident, burying her in stuff). So... yeah, don't think Celestia actually has that worked out properly. Also, Spike was trained by her first before given to Twilight (That's Lauren Faust's words, by the way, a.k.a. Word of God), so he probably gained his magic breath in that way. And yes, it's a magic fire breath that's in work here.

That's the second one today. You're lagging really behind, boy.
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you thing i dont it? Celestia a made this by working with spike and twilight to make it! of course some accident a come befor is beome safe to use! but with the prank of rainbow and pinke a show some update is need it! i think is what celestia think were she get all the scroll! spike is still young , so he not fulll control is 100% of his power! but he get better every time!
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Still, that doesn't mean you're not wrong. The fire itself is what's magic, not just those ribbons. After all, Spike did mail the gala tickets back on the final part of "The Ticketmaster" (again, in the show, Season 1, Episode 1) that I'm sure had no ribbon on them to speak off. It's the magic fire what does it.
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* Season 1, Episode 2
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*episode 3, 1 and 2 were the two-parter premiere.
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XD That would be so awkward.
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Emoticon: Blushin' Bon woahh twilie wut happened?!
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Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle WatSpeech Icon Left Purple GlowWait... what just happened? *looks around*
Princess Celestia (SUPER CEREAL) PlzSpeech Icon Left Pink Neon...
Twilight (Cute blush) PlzSpeech Icon Left Purple GlowOh, hello princess.. I was just... leaving! *teleports back to Ponyville*
Princess Celestia (SUPER CEREAL) PlzSpeech Icon Left Pink Neon... I'm not even gonna ask...
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and then they have sex
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Yeaaaaaaaah Yes AJ and Spike do
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Imagine if he did that while writing a letter on a desk... Poor, poor Celestia.
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short version spike accidentally belched his magic fire at twilight which it sent her to here celestia was at since that what it does and before you say anything this is the short version
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