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Comic Block: Expedited Delivery

Well, that was quick.

Conspiracy theory: Cadance was never pregnant. The kid isn't newborn, which accounts for its size. And that's why we didn't have to wait 11 months for the real process.

Please don't take this seriously.

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I also would have liked to see an episode in which Cadance was gravid. It could give her more time in the spotlight and it would help things feel more natural. I also don't see why it would be inappropriate since kids with significantly younger siblings will have seen something like this. I still fully remember my mom being pregnant.
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Makes more sense then the actual canon. She's only around as a marketing ploy.
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This is... subtly terrifying. :iconpinkiepiewhatplz:

"All hail our Marketing Executive Overlords!"
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I think the true reason why they never showed Cadence visibly pregnant on the show as Mrs. Cake but if the birth of their children, is because as MLP is a show for little children, for the children's safety they refrained from showing graphic content about the true Origin of babies, pregnancy
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well......she's cute
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The pregnancy was time skipped.
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XD this great. and Nurse Derpy is just about the cutest damn thing ever!
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Make sense?  Where's the fun in making sense?
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Yah, and when she announced she was pregnant, it didn't look like she had gained weight since she would be pregnant at that time
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I prefer to accept the concept of elapsed time since each episode can't be day to day. They only have so many episodes and wanted the baby to be introduced in the first episode of the season. The crystaling  took place some time after the birth I'm assuming she was at least a few weeks old. 
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MARKETING TEAM: The fourth wall can die in a hole! Just get in there and give them the baby!
So... is she an artificial alicorn made in some scary underground lab by Luna and Celestia? I can totally see this))
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lol, i know, right?  
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well she's still adorable
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ha ha hasbro own  everything in that universe.
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Well, there goes the Stork theory...
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Wtf? O.o Okay.. >.>
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:iconshiningarmorplz: Well, Look on the bright side... At least you didn't have to actually push her out! I mean... She's huge!
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Very good point.
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theres something called time skip, look it up
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