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Comic Block: EfCE Ep.13a (The Anniversary)

So. The Wedding Anniversary. That was a thing.

I had to number these somehow without disrupting "Episodes" story flow. So letters will be in place until I put in the next chapter.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Okay, that was adorable♥
Midnite-Wolfe's avatar
Whats in the box?
Trinity0777's avatar
nice save shining
SwagFeather's avatar
shhhhh he toltally forgot
AFtwi's avatar
Don't tell Cadance.
SwagFeather's avatar
crap I think she heard us
marinus18's avatar
I wonder if it's going to happen in the show. Maybe in the same episode they are going to announce that Cadance is pregnant, if that ever happens (and I really hope it does).
SkylarDream10's avatar
U dint have to say it...
EmoshyVinyl's avatar
Why not? I say it's best to tell the owners of a comic that a dub was made.
SkylarDream10's avatar
Ok! Dunno so much of comics XD
Bleyk36's avatar
i like your art work
XxAstroFoxxX's avatar
''You... stupid dork.''
Ba. Ba... Baka
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Aaaww... how lovely... :aww: :aww: :aww:
Sonic2125's avatar
aww that was cuteLove Meow :3 Heart Hug 

Though how can ya forget considering the major sh*t that happened on that day
Swanbreeze's avatar
What does "EfCE" stand for again?
Swanbreeze's avatar
Oh wait I know now: "Episodes from the Crystal Empire" :D
AspiePie's avatar
Doompony: Time to destroy these Crystal Abominations!
Doomguy: Yes DoomPony is racist!
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