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Comic Block: EfCE 20 - April Foals Day

“Plus, it was Twilight’s idea.”

Best title. Princess Flurry Heart is now officially part of the Episodes from the Crystal Empire blog, being semi-canon.
Episode 20 | Episodes From The Crystal Empire

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So cute and funny.  ^^  
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wait next year...gash there going to make another baby
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no try to prank Flash but this one be a total failure!

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I want to know how would Shining Armor react if Flash say something like: "but we use condom" or even start to act like proud papa MLP Shining Armor (Derp) Plz 
oh at that moment I think he would get his sword and do some redecorating on flashes lower half.
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Cadance and Twilight will Stop him, Two Alicorn is far Stronger them him, plus Twilight far Stronger on magic then him, plus Shining will not do this because is not in his Character and is ruin his statue as Captain of all Royal guard and as Prince and will not do this right a from his Daughter!

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HAHAHAHHAHAHA! The look on Flash's face! HA! >:D
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"I haven't even cummed the first time in my life !"

By his age he should have.
goldorakx69's avatar
nice try shiny nice try
XTApocalypse's avatar is the baby only semi-canon?
StarlightFeather's avatar
I don't know if that was brilliant or mean. Either way, :D (Big Grin) 
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Eh, not as mean as it could've been.
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Ah hahahahahaha So funny
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XD LOL!!! For a minute I thought he was gonna fall for it.. Though, it Was a good try from both Twilight and Shining Armor. But, there was a minor flaw in their plan, Flash and Twilight never slept together, yet. XD
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best thing with flash iv seen yet
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For a second he actually bought it. Hilarious.
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"I've done nothing, I swear!   I mean, she never did anything except giggle at me that one time!  If anything, it was my freaky human counterpart who knocked her up at that prom they had!

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