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Comic Block: EfCE 14 (Crystal Flash Arc II)

EfCE Update: Twilight doesn't find all of this strange.
I hope I can go somewhere with this, really.

CAUTION: Crystal Flash is a direction I'm taking exclusive for EfCE. He may not flow into my more canonical work.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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what's with twilight's mane
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A hairdo from the Season 5 episode Castle Sweet Castle

I think
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my name is Midnight or Rose which ever
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my name is Void Samukai, or Koi
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Wait, what's the name of this episode? I think it's the only episode I haven't watched.
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No idea. But when you find it, please tell me^^
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Episodes from the Crystal Empire.
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I've Been Reading your Comic Block/s And I say It's good You make them.
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"But apparently some of my remote ancestors were, that's how I got this job."
this is new...
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Those spa ponies are really good
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hes on drugs, arrest him.
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Someone get him a mirror!
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Flash Sentry has just become the eighth wonder of the world. =P
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Wow, she bring her new mane style along. :)
Well if two Ponys can get a Unicorn and a Pegasus as childs because they had pegasus and unicorn as their ancestors somewhere generation ago. Why not.
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Please make more! Dog Face 
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