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Comic Block: Down and Dirty

It's time the two had a talk... about the shirts and the tees.

Yes. I made this comic so I could use that pun. This one came from a thought experiment that things you say when doing laundry can sound dirty, as demonstrated here. This involved several rewrites. The more I rewrote it, the worse it got. So here you are!

Titles are hard. Decided lagartoloco94 had one better.

PB's Pyjamas is a reference to a previous piece.

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goldorakx69's avatar not what i thinking!
Cadance: ...Oh! You think we doin you know what ?! well were we do it we use a spell to make sure the sound dont get out the room, what? you belive we do it with no shame and border other ?! and what you with Flash hmm?
Twilight:............(she get out the room)
Shining: You really need to stop to do this to Twily, You know she dont like we teas her on i think of it, i still need to finish the training of Flash to make him a Captien of royal guards for Twily!
Cadance: Not Forget some royal maid too, I think Auntie Celestia prepre this on her side..i think?
Shining: Well the guards who will become the royal guards of Twily well some will come from the sun guards , some from Night guards and some from the crystal guards inculde Flash as the Captien!
Cadance: I know you do this for protect Twilight, because you can't be close to her to protect her, plus Pony ville need more protection, plus if we want flurry be save were she go to pony ville, ok i know pony ville is the town the most Peaceful to all Equestria plus protected by Twilight and her friends but cont only them to protect the town is a mistake, this is why you make some guards ready for this day!
Shining: Yeah...Now let clean this!
katban's avatar mind went into the gutter
SuperJordanBlast's avatar
I thought it was something else, if you get my drift Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
Is your mind really that dirty?
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
Shoudl have seen that coming
YakkosGurl's avatar
im with you... 😳
YakkosGurl's avatar
i have friends who couldnt fall asleep when they were little cuz they heard their parents through the walls...
happymonkey101's avatar
srae03's avatar
OMG YES SU IN THE BACKROUND (I haz big big big big big big big big big big fan) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
TannyFox's avatar
also, nice pun with shirts and tees. 
JackArthur909's avatar
Steven Universe laundry detergent box in the background.
TheMuffinHarbinger's avatar
And the marceline shirt 
bluesboy51's avatar
My little pony context is magic :)
AdventurePonyBTP's avatar
I was thinking about it being laundry related the whole time.
MajesticDestiny's avatar
has anyone seen the T-shirt marceline gave princess bubblegum in adventure time
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