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Comic Block: Desperate Times

Without EEA accreditation, how else will Twilight drum up funding?

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Princess or not--Twilight is gonna go to jail for kidnapping children from a school.
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Seems like Twilight became "desperate" again, to fulfill some demands which are written on paper. XD 
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I have a feeling a certain chancellor asked her to make sure she doesn’t
Foxtide888's avatar
You'd think they'd just hire Cheerilee as a teacher then
Dude, did you see the new Comic Dub made of this?…
It's awesome, and Kieran did a great job of it. :D

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Friendship Games all over again. :XD:
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Bad touch, BAD TOUCH
Jontron STOP by JustaPerson0107
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Hey, Twilight, offer her a job, she's experienced!
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I was just thinking about this a week ago and then someone makes a comic of it.
Amazing! Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz 
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The Princess of mooching
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Twilight stole 50 foals. That's 5 tens, and that's terrible. (Anyone get the reference?) :XD: :XD:
I assumed that Twilight was using tax money to fund her school. Maybe even imposing a new tax.
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Yup! That's about right.
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i thought that it was more of a highschool
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There were fillies and colts. Perhaps older than the ones studying at the Schoolhouse.…
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yeah they could be the first years of highschool there always a lot smaller then the oldest.
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