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Comic Block: Cross My Heart (Spoiler 5x19)

Cadance and Shining Armor are finally having a...

I don't know. Many signs point to the thing. But I'm as afraid of the thing as I am likely to welcome the thing. We already had a big thing last week. How many things do they want in the season?!

This is a reference to "Green Isn't Your Colour". Best Shining Armor Face.

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*starts laughing and falls over*
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Bun in the oven and a husband in a basket. Makes sense. 
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Pinkie Pie Squint - HEY! That's MY line!!
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MLP Shining Armor (Angry) Plz : yes, but FOREVERRRR
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:iconpinkepieplz: "That's MY line!"
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Always da cookies :3
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I love how Shining is crosseyed in that last panel
I just thought of how this might continue.....

Pinkie: Shining, what are you doing in the Mare's room?
Shining: Um..... I'm not Shining Armor!!!!! *wears a bow on his head* My name is Gleaming Shield!!!
Cadance: Is that my bow? You're not wearing my clothes again, are you?
Shining: Uh..... No? *dashes out of the room*
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why did he scream "forever?"
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its a reference to when Pinkie did it in s1.
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And then Shining got the snoz beat out of him for being in the Mare's room of the spa.
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Not surprised anymore.
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Pinkie: Wow. You know, from the other side, that's kinda creepy...
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"...and in other news, Prince Shining Armor of the Crystal Empire was arrested today after he was caught hiding in the mare's steam room of the Ponyville Spa. Film at 11."
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