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Comic Block: Cravings

Shining Armor's still vulnerable to exploitation by Chrysalis. He's gonna need occlumency classes.

(I had disputed the use of "making love", but I left it in. Because that's what Chrysalis wants Cadance to do. Make love. Like cookies.)

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Shining Armor needs to get revenge.

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At Least They're Friends Now.

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"but i cant digest pony food..."
God, I hate mind control. It's so humiliating and violating. And Shining Armor is a sore subject for me. If he's such a beloved character, why is he always humiliated? Why is he always the butt of jokes? Why does he always die and get his flank kicked in stories? It gets depressing when you see this over and over again. Why does the fandom hate him so much? Why do they keep doing this to him? It's way more than any other character.
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Comics the official ones and the cartoon even paints him as a idiot most of the time is likily why

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Shiningsface in the 3th pic.... no comment
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Shining could always ask Chryssi to disguise herself as Cadence (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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I disagree. He wouldn't want Chrysalis to pretend to be somepony she's not. I'm of the opinion that he's a deep guy who doesn't only care for what's on the outside, but on the inside as well. That's probably why he fell for Cadance as well, not just for her beauty, but for her kindness and dedication to others.
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poor Chrysi ^^
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She could always just "make love" with Shining herself. Certainly he is capable of "making love."
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"But Cadence, if we don't have super-hot kinky sex then Chrysalis will starve! You don't want that, do you?"
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Man, I've never seen Candance so pissed before
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Shining: Please?

Cadence: No, we've done it at least three times today. -_-

Shining: Oh come on!
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by "making love" i understood sex, i think its time to visit the sin cleasing bathtube
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I'm going to correctly assume that around 80-90% of everyone who visits this comic will understand that. But yeah, I'm off to my own cleansing.
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Omg that description, yayyy HP <3 occlumency classes! <3
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Let's just hope they're not from snape

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I'm kinda of amused that in this triou Cadance is the sane one :)
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Can Changelings eat regular pone food? Or are they only capable of feeding on love? Pinkie pie (hmm...) plz
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idk actually. they have an equine build, so its possible they can, but it wont effect them in the way it would a regular pony.
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