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Comic Block: Can I Keep Him?


Twilight has a new castle, and a new castle needs guards. Has no one noticed how Twilight never had royal guards for the course of 26 episodes? So this seemed like a natural move. The eyesore of the new castle is just so big.

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Silly, Twilight! Icon - Oh You Guy

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"Keep your emotions in check, Twilight. Please."

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Shining: i should have seen that coming!
And this is why I ship Flashlight. Because these comics you make of the pair are utterly adorable.

Now if only Hasbro could make Flash half as hapless as you make him.
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Guess somepony loves one guard a little too much.
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Go and take a bite baby!
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He said "royal guard" not "royal boyfriend"!!!
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Well I want a episode like that.I mean just think how hilarious for us.Season 8's first episode is about Queen Chrysalis,but maybe after the episode Celestia will say ''You should stay in a safer place, so we will send you a some guards''.And some guards between we have Flash OMG OMG OMG.
ha, it's funny because apparently the leaks said it was about Chrysalis, but it was actually about (spoilers) making a school.
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Big bro doesn't want stallion near of his precious baby sister
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It's now season 7 and SHE STILL DOESN'T HAVE GUARDS. I mean, Glim Glam just walked on in for Celestia's sake! *sigh* Twilight...
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Twilight made her choice alright. Go for it Twilight!
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*My brother feelings have put the alarm in "ON"*

Twili has not guards because big brother doesn't want stallions near of her XD
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XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!!!
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Flash's face is priceless.
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Keep him, keep him, keep him.
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