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Comic Block: Butt Dial

The glowing cutie marks have more uses than going on friendship missions.

Also, this is my rendition of Twilight's bedroom, as yet seen on the show itself. I took Spike's room as reference and made Twilight's. We might see it again soon.

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A little glass of water please, A fresh pressed hanky if I sneeze. 😁
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Oh, god, don't get me started on that song! Lol!
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sorry but flash is canon! pony flash sentry is for the show and human flash is for EqG!
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>Flash sentry
Really? EqG is NOT canon
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quit being a butt hurt
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Personally I'm glad they finally introduced some compatible male characters at all.

I mean for the first several seasons it was seemingly My Little Lesbian with the community. I'm not against gay couples but not every damn character, come on.
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Shadow Play further solidifies it's canonical status.
But it gets me thinking. Hasbro may actually be listening to Flash Sentry defender feedback. There's no way to prove it for sure but what if in season 9 they made Flashlight canon and do it right this time and have actually been teasing us this whole time? It's just wishful thinking but I hope it's true.
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spike get this form discord
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I remember seeing this comic in one of Scribblers videos.
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Scribbler is best Brit
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Also Pyrocynical is best Brit

Scribbler is a close second
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Wellll, maybe not best Brit, but best pony VA, lol
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You know what "Scribbler" i'm talking about right? and yes she is.
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Yeah the black pone with the blue and pink mane
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How did you get twilights cutie mark to flash on and off
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