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Comic Block: An Absolute Gentlecolt

You don't get held hostage by the Changeling Queen without learning anything.

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"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Hey, ponies! There's a Changeling in here!
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I bet Luna is Chryssi
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That's not the real Cadence!!! It's Chrysalis! Sound the alarm!!!!!
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Makes you question why do they need Cadance and Armor at all. Just take over some remote village and brainwash populace into loving you.
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when i saw the last part i went laughing XD
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Shining armor: ....I am possessed
Twilight: is this a joke??
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I think Luna knows this about
Miko-The-Fox's avatar
The Changeling's Back
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That's normal when you have her as a wife.
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If only he would learn the first five times.
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This reminds me of Poker Night 2.
Claptrap: Let me tell you something. Gearbox-(sparks are briefly heard as his eye turns bright green and he starts speaking in a monotone) is the best video game company in the world. They treat their employees with respect, dignity, and yes, love. Also, I am a total tool. (sparks again as he returns to normal) -WITH A RUSTY SALAD FORK! Know what I mean?
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He's err normal
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*Appears Behind fake Cadence(chrysalis) using Shave*
Jack: Where. Is. She!?
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If I were there, I'd open fire with my magic...
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Luna's face !!!
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Now presenting: Luna! The comic relief! :D
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I'll do like I understood that comic and I'll laugh with all of you.
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Flash is like "Oh Celestia, Twilight's going to do that to me!"
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