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Comic Block: A Mother's Day Surprise

By dm29
Not quite the surprise they were expecting.
(No, she's not pregnant. It's a subtle joke.)

Happy Mother's Day?

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Very Very naughty Cadence tusk tusk!
SkyFrost155's avatar
maskmaster64's avatar
oh god i am about to fall of my fucking chair
Ummulwara7Fantage's avatar
again this word in another comic! what does actually pregnant mean?
mmmm don't know what that word means because you aren't an english speaker or because you're too young to know... whatever the reason is, just Google It
LW9510's avatar
Use google translate
Or a weird explanation...
When you got a baby in your stomach and youre a woman
Rassiliana's avatar
I hope this is a troll comment
ILOVEGIR64's avatar
uuuuuuuuuuuh......  Google it....
PieOfTheDay's avatar
looking through your old comics, well she's pregant now,

WolfQueenofMordor's avatar
well it's canon now of course, lol
JNinelives's avatar
I love Twilight in Panel 2, and Shining in Panel 4, but the punchline didn't have a strong impact for me.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Twilight is confused and Shining is in fear.
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Shining Armor: Sorry, Cadance we thought you were our mom.

Cadance: mom? I'm not pregnant.

Shining armor: What?

Cadance: Nothing.

destoryer1234's avatar
i wonder waht's in Cadance's mind ???
Pammee65's avatar
you-know-who having you-know-what with Her
Shining Amour            s-e-x
Or she cheated on him to get some
Pammee65's avatar
destoryer1234's avatar
oh, hi ! i'm Minh ! Nice to meet you !!!
Pammee65's avatar
Im Pammy Star! : D
destoryer1234's avatar
uhhhhhhh,...... your real name ? :?
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