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College Boy

"Y-yes, ma'am..."

Zephyr Breeze meets his boss the first day on the job. 

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Did someone order some aloe and gauze? Because Zephyr just got BURNED.

Babsie telling Zephyr what's what.  I like it.

He now knows she's no ordinary filly.
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Cannon Fodder Headcanon accepted!
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(a minute later)

"Hey, Zephyr, you OK?  OK, get up slowly.  No, it's alright.  You're getting better." *kicks mop out of sight*
Is it bad that I really like the idea of him getting bossed around and intimidated by someone young enough to be his daughter? :p
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Plot twist: Zephyr actually is a good Mane Therapist and gets approved by Babs in the end.
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I want this to be canon so hard.
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I'd pay to see that.
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I'd give my soul to see that.
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he's doomed!
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I'm dead. You gone and killed me :iconlmfao-plz:
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Applebloom- "Babs, how'd you get your own barber shop so quick?"
Babs- "Got a loan from aunt and uncle orange. Paid 'em back 2 weeks later."
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Are we sure she isn't their daughter?
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Apples and the Shy family are two different families

fanfics4ever's avatar

we meant if Babs is the daughter of Applejacks Aunt and Uncle Orange

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Could be. I don't know 😕🤷

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... I never knew I needed this so badly. 
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Oh yeah. I forgot that Babs got a cutie mark in mane styling too. ^^
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lmfao this is great!
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Understood rookie!
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This is hilarious on SO many levels.  :XD:
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