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Cold Villian is Cold

Have you ever camped outdoors in the jungle without a fire? Yeah. Thought so.

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Eh, at least she's warm

ZionKraze's avatar
Gee, I dunno, it's not like your surrounded by trees- OF COURSE YOU'RE A MONSTER!
TheThunder-Art's avatar
No she isn't.  Twilight's friends are.  Get it right.
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
Well at least they're good for something!
HunterGiantesses's avatar
Yes, You are a Mother and You are not to blame for they abandoning You, dear! Heart
*embraced Her* 
TheThunder-Art's avatar
She makes a valid point.  We all should know who the REAL monsters were in "A Canterlot Wedding"...
thatguy621's avatar
is this a trick question?
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
...She used their corpses as firewood. :O_o:

She used their corpses as firewood. :O

She used their corpses as firewood. :noes:


Dangit, I was gonna make that joke! :shakefish:
experimentalDeity's avatar
To be fair, they DID try to kill her.
karkovice1's avatar
Well, she's gotta keep warm SOMEHOW. :iconcrazysparkleshrugplz: 
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I don't understand why you think the answer would be anything different. :P
Can someone explain what she means?
ZetaRESP's avatar
The logs are what remains of the Mean 6 after the Tree of Harmony did an Expecto Patronum on them.
supersherman1015's avatar
The tree of harmony summoned a damn deer spirit?
ZetaRESP's avatar
Nah, it took the form of an octopus. It can happen.
TartarusFire's avatar
this is just TOO amazing and adorably evil :y
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Have you seen what she done in the comics? This is the least evil thing she ever done
SimonsArtbookService's avatar
How do you do that? You make Chrysalis look adorable. Is it because you make her look so petite?
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
At least roast some marshmallows, Chrysalis!
Kordharin's avatar
At least she's got herself something to keep her warm (for a while). Better than I can manage.
EverlastingJoy's avatar
She's just giving them a proper funeral, right?
IkeFanboy64's avatar
Well, she is at Whtesky Peak. It's either that or die 28 times by direwolves in an effort to get pelt.

(ARK Joke)
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