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Coal for Christmas

It appears this was never uploaded. And since we're in the Holiday season again, I'd thought I'd put it up. Note the pre-2016 signoff. This references the song "Last Year I Got Coal For Christmas" from the MLP Christmas Album.

I still insist this kid is Pop Fly.

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is that a bag of coal?
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Brothers, lol.
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Rumble should be here (same voice actor :D)
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Flash Savage or Savage Sentry?

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Trolling like a boss.
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So he the one that sing that song
BlueLightning0956's avatar
very silly!
great picture!
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Be careful what you sing
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Oh, was he the character singing that song in the album?
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No, but Vincent Tong was the actual singer.
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Wow, he did great!
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Oh, geez! First Base's been a naughty boy this year. :(
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Yeah looks like it. 
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You might be laughing now, but when the cold weather kicks in, guess who will have coal to fuel the stove...
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I love this so much.
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revenge for Comic Block: Interrogation by dm29

Revenge is a B*tch
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Shouldn't it be the other way around considering Flash dumped him in the Trash? 
I think his brother should've given him the bag of coal if you wanted him to have revenge.
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WOW... what a mean older brother.
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