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Chocolate Day

"'Love potion'? Where'd you get this, Pinkie?"
"From Madame Zecora's. She's really good with the potions."

Initially titled "White Day" until I remembered that's not Valentine's Day.
In Japanese culture, the girls go after the guys with chocolates, store-bought or home-made.
It is on "White Day", March 14th 1st, when the lads return the favour.

It's too late for Twilight.

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Love Potion huh? That explains why Rarity and Applejack are looking at someone other than each other.

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What would be funnier would be if the guy from SpongeBob who goes absolutely ballistic over chocolate, starts screeching his head off, and chases them

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rochelle (Sunset Shimmer EqG 3 (wut) Plz): oh no. what the hell is this thing?
coach (Pinkie pie EqG (pizza here) plz):adrenaline shot here!
I'm On The Phone Dude (Ellis Left 4 Dead 2) (Rocker Flash Sentry Surprised Emotion.): oh sh*t, that ain't right!
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Lol flash u gonna have to many waifus later XD
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Here is the sectret ingredient 'literally' love! XD
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Oh boy..........not good!
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You added love poison?! Do you know that the love poison is very hazardous?! In order to cure it. It has to expire an hour without either eye contacting or hugging. Or it will never be remove. Beside. You really don't wanna know what happened to Big mac and Cheerilee.
Somebody should take this idea and incorporate it into an equestria girls special, because this has the potential for hilarious repercussions like with the smarty pants doll in lesson zero, i've got the perfect set up too, human twilight furthering her study of magic inadvertently makes a love potion that accidentally ends up in a home ec class where the stundents are learning to make chocolate for an upcoming Valentine's day dance/event
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Flash is on his own on this one. =p
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who puit the love potion in the chocolate?
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Scootaloo loves her big broScootaloo Intensifies Scootaloo EqG (angry) plz Scootaloo dice NO Scootaloo (Squee) Plz CHICHEEEEN
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Let's hope it doesn't last ^^;
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O.O Uh-oh.. I think taking love potions from Madame Zecora wasn't such a good idea.. >.<;
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"I really like his hair!"
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"Move over Flash... we want the pink one..."
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Okay, I am a fan of hoping that Flash Sentry WILL become a real legit character in the future, but WHAT… THE F#$%??? O.o;
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Spike: Can't breath
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Would that chocolate make the girls fall in love with Flash Sentry only, or does it happen to other boys that girls see?
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Flash being the only boy conveniently in the room, I'd say the latter.
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In that case,this is just like that one episode of The Familiar of Zero,only straight! Or the end of my favorite Addams Family episode times 3!
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Dang it, Zecora!
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